Getting your permit


Before you begin our course or private drives (online students):

  • Go to the DMV (It’s the law).
    • Scroll down for what is required to take with you to DMV
    • Let them know you will be taking classes with A&A Driving School


  • Bring a copy of your DMV receipt to the first day of class or forward a copy to us if you are taking an online class. You must keep the original for your records.


  • Obtain a copy of the Idaho Driver’s Manual.


  • Study the driver’s manual. This is an accelerated course. It will be helpful for students to be familiar with the driving manual before they come to class.


  1. Click here: Register for a class
  2. Click here: Register for Driving and/or Observation Time Only

To obtain a driver’s permit, you must have the following to start driver education by law:

  1. ·Certified Original Birth Certificate. You can obtain a permit with a copy, but you will be required to provide the original before you can be issued a driver’s license.
  2. Social Security Number
  3.  Verification of High School enrollment (VOC Letter) or equivalent or completion documentation. *Verification of Compliance letters do expire 60 days after they are issued, so don’t delay getting your permit.  This can be obtained from the high school or school you are attending.  Just let Idaho Drivers Licensing know that you are registered with A&A Driving School. Home school students do not need this document.
  4. Picture identification of some sort. EX: Picture ID/School ID/State ID/Yearbook photo/Passport, etc.
  5. Glasses or contacts if needed to pass the distance eye exam

  6. A legal parent (DMV does not recognize a step-parent for this) or legal guardian    must accompany the minor to purchase their permit.

    If you are taking a summer course you must get your VOC Letter before school lets out. They do expire within 60 days, so you will want to get your permit as soon as you are of legal age.

    Students must be 14 ½ years old to acquire a permit from the DMV and attend class. To determine this date, add 184 days from their 14th birthday.

A driver’s license picture will be taken at the DMV when they purchase their permit and student will also be required to sign their permit. This is often the first time they are required to sign a legal document, so it may be helpful to practice their signature.

If you have additional questions about applying for your permit or what is needed to get your permit you can visit the The Idaho DMV at  Idaho DMV Driver’s License Info or call (208) 334-8735.


We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your business.