Our next class starts on July 7th or look into an online course option by going to our links for online classes tab. Get your Verification of Compliance Letter from your school asap (they expire after 60 days, so schedule an appointment to get your permit asap.

Corona Virus- COVID-19 Guidelines regarding permits effective April 14th, 2020> Idaho is allowing students that are or were unable to get their permit to start the classroom portion of driver education before the permit is purchased as long as the student is 14 1/2 years old on or before the beginning date of the class. The student is required to get the permit before starting the driving portion still. Therefore if you planned on doing a class with us or online and you are or will be 14 1/2 by the start date you can get going. *See below for the usual information to start a class, but keep in mind the new rule regarding getting your permit> Getting Started with A&A Driving School

What do you need to do to sign up for driver education in Idaho with us?

  1. Choose whether you want to do a classroom course with us or take an online classroom course (see online students only section below) and then all students do their driving portion with A&A Driving School. 

  2. Click here to view upcoming classroom dates then register for the classes with A&A Driving School below. 

    Click here to Register for a Classroom course taught by A&A Driving School

  3. Register here if you are going to do an online classes below.

    Click here to register with A&A Driving School if you plan to do your classroom work online

  4. Mail in our application with your deposit

      1. PDF format for A&A Driving School application for all students
      2. Docx format for A&A Driving School application for all students
  5. Get your Verification of Compliance letter (VOC letter) from you school. Home schooled students are not required to have this document to get their permit; then get your permit asap.

It’s the law!!!

GET YOUR PERMIT NEXT BEFORE STARTING DRIVER EDUCATION CLASSES.  Click here to see what Drivers Licensing requires of you to get your Supervised Instructional Permit

Online students only:

After obtaining your permit sign up for your online course through our website.  The cost of the online portion is paid separately by you with the online company, you pay us separately for the driving portion in the amount of $350; except for Idaho Online students. The online and drives are paid together for this option to A&A Driving School in the amount of $405 . See Online Course Options

Contact us to schedule drives when you are 50% through your online course by texting us at 208-772-4999; include the students full name and what percentage they have completed with their online course.


The cost for 30 hours minimum of classroom instruction, 6 hours of drives and 6 hours of observation is $425, this includes the non-refundable deposit.

  • Cost: $425; You must deposit $100 to hold students spot in upcoming class (non-refundable)
  • There will be an additional $5 fuel surcharge for the Summer Classes to help offset the higher cost of fuel in the summer months starting with the June through September classes. (the total would be $430 for the Summer Sessions only).
  • To guarantee your students place is held in an upcoming class you must send in our application with the minimum $100 deposit.
  • Any remaining balance is to be paid on or before the first day of class. We accept cash, check or money order only.
  • If a student needs to switch to a different class, and we are notified at least 2 weeks before their scheduled class begins the whole deposit will be applied to the new classroom choice. Space is limited on availability.
  • Get your permit asap, this is required by law to start any driver education course in Idaho.

Mail your application/release of liability form and deposit to secure your spot in your desired class to: A&A Driving School PO BOX 1198, Rathdrum, ID 83858

WE ACCEPT CASH, CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Returned checks will be charged a $25  fee, this along with any outstanding balance must be paid in full to continue in the course. Once classes start there are no refunds. See full payment policy below.

If you need an application mailed to you click  Contact us . You may text or call us at (208) 772-4999 and leave a message (we do not answer the phone when we are with students).

Drives for Adult Learners:

Get your Class D Permit

Register with us for Adult drivers or additional drives

Print off our application, fill out relevant parts pertaining to you 

Schedule a drive by texting 208-772-4999

  • Cost is $60 per hour, if you do 6 drives which is recommended for brand new drivers the cost is $350.


Payment Policy:

We accept cash, money order or check only for payment. There is a $25 fee for returned checks and cash will be required to settle your bill. No student may continue in a class or private drives if their fees/bill have not been paid. If you do not show up for a scheduled drive you will have to pay for the missed drive in cash before you can go on additional drives, the cost to you is $60. 

There is an additional $5 fuel surcharge to help offset higher fuel costs during the summer months. This is for our summer sessions or private drives starting in June through September.

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit for classroom students and a $75 non-refundable deposit for online students or private drive students. We may apply your registration fee to another class at our discretion if we are given reasonable notice that you need to switch to another class.

Regardless if you are online or take the classroom portion from us if you don’t show for your drive or give us at least 24 hours notice and a minimum 36 hours notice if your drive lands on a Monday then you will be charged for the cost of the missed drive. Notice must be text to us @ 208-772-4999. There are no refunds once a student has begun a driving class or in-car instruction.    It is our right to refuse service to anyone that is disruptive or a danger to others and you will not receive a partial or whole under these circumstances. Our priority is the safety of all students, instructors and other roadway users. 


Learn about us. Click here: To learn about the instructors

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