Classroom Instruction

Teens in ClassroomThe student will receive a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction that satisfies all state of Idaho requirements. Classes start approximately every 6 1/2 to 8 weeks during the school year, subject to change. We hold classes in the summer too, please check the “Upcoming Class Dates” tab for dates for upcoming classes and times or text (208) 772-4999, then click the REGISTER HERE tab after selecting a class date, choose the “Register here for a driving class” in the drop down menu.

If you need private drives or you are doing an online course click the “Driving Lessons and/or Observation link” under the “Register Here” tab, then after filling out the form go to the “Links for Online Classes” tab to register with your online classroom school. Idaho Online Driver Education Students can register once by going to the “Links for Online Classes” tab after obtaining your permit. All online students and classroom students are required to let Driver’s Licensing know who they have registered with before they will issue a permit.