JULY 7th 2020 Class


This class is now full, however you can sign up for a future class date and ask to be put on the waitlist for this class by texting 208-772-4999 with your student’s first and last name. If an opening becomes available then we will call you. Remember that Idaho is allowing students to begin the classroom portion of driver education without a permit, however no student can begin the driving portion of driver education without one. If a student is 14 1/2 years old they can begin driver education and apply to get a driving permit in Idaho. Use the Q-Less app to schedule an appointment at drivers licensing in Kootenai County. If you live out of county go to your local drivers licensing office.

You will need:

  1. Verification of compliance letter from your school or district office, homeschooled students are exempt.
  2. Certified copy of the students birth certificate
  3. Students social security card/number
  4. Picture ID> state issued ID, passport, school ID, yearbook photo, etc.
  5. Bring your legal parent or guardian. Sadly step-parents are not recognized to be able to legally sign the documents to get the students permit.
  6. The student will have their picture taken, sign the permit and do a vision test, so bring any eyewear that is needed for this.

January 2nd, 2020 Driving Class

Time to get your driving permit after signing up for our January 2nd, 2020 driving class. Winter is really a great time to learn to drive here in North Idaho. It is less stressful with an instructor by your side. Sign up today and remember that you will need to have your permit purchased before this or any driver education class begins by Idaho law. Get all of your required documents, including your verification of compliance letter from your school before they let out for Christmas Break, in fact you should do this ideally a week or two before that. Click the link below to register now.


October 22nd, 2019 Class is Full

We are no longer taking registrations for the Oct. 22nd, 2019. If you are not currently registered for this class and send in an application for this class effective immediately we will have to put you into our next available class starting on January 2nd, 2020. Don’t feel to bad if you can’t get into the October class, January is a great time to start to learn to drive on the road up here in North Idaho.

October 22nd, 2019 Class begins at 6pm

Students signed up for the Oct. 22nd, 2019 through December 10th, 2019 driver education class should arrive between 5:30 & 5:45 pm at 401 E Front Ave., Suite B-1, Coeur d’Alene ID to check into this class. Class nights will be Wednesdays and Thursdays after the 1st night of class. Bring your remaining class fee along with your driving permit receipt from Driver’s Licensing to the 1st class. Students need to come prepared with a notebook, pencil, pen and their Idaho Driver Manual.

Online Classes

There are 4 onlines courses approved for private driving schools in Idaho. Idaho Online Driver Education, AAA How to Drive, IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Academy) and Driversed.com. You should go under our tab “Link for Online Classes” and review the options or copy and paste this link https://aadrivingcda.com/?page_id=399 in your browser to look at what the online courses have to offer.

New Class


Our next class begins in October! This class is now full.

We are taking sign-ups for our October 22nd to December 10th, 2019 driver education class. After you register you must get your permit and print off and mail in our application/release of liability form along with your deposit to secure your students spot in the upcoming class.

Click here: Register for a class