We are a family owned driver education company. A&A has been around for a long time in North Idaho. We acquired the business from a family friend after working with him for a couple of years teaching driver education.

Becky Craig-Johnson, became an apprentice instructor in 2015 and has been a licensed instructor since June of 2016. She has taught hundreds of students learn how to drive in our area. She has a real passion for safety and courteous driving habits. You will find that she is patient and calm and encouraging with our students. Becky continues to drive a school bus in Rathdrum as she has a love working with teenagers. She has over a dozen safety competition awards driving a school bus. Becky worked in the Coeur d’Alene School District at Hayden Meadows for 7 years before moving to the Rathdrum area, where she began her career working as a school bus driver.

Tim Johnson, became a licensed instructor in December of 2016 after retiring as a patrol Sergeant with the Idaho State Police after over 25 years on the force. He has a calm and kind teaching approach with our students. Tim also brings a wealth of common sense and experience to the job. Tim is also the state coordinator for Idaho Operation Lifesaver since 2020. He has to occasionally travel to fairs and spreads the message about railroad safety to Idaho citizens. Look for him at the Western and Eastern Idaho Fairs each year. Look, listen and yield to trains, they win every time against a vehicle or pedestrian.

Craig Johnson, became an apprentice instructor in 2019 and then became a licensed instructor in 2020. He has become a student favorite with his humor, kind and calming nature. He is often requested by families even before they meet him as the student’s friends tell them how wonderful he is as an instructor. He is also an important part of the Johnson clan.

Lisa Ledger, became a driving instructor apprentice in the summer of 2023. She has been received very well by our students and brings her experience working with special needs children in the Coeur d’Alene School District. You can’t meet a kinder and thoughtful woman. We are very happy that she is part of the team.