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IMPORTANT:  There is a wait time to begin in-car lessons, so you must let us know when you are 100% through your online course. Text us at 208-772-4999 with the percentage done and the students 1st and last name. This will put you down on the list of students waiting. Depending on how many students contact us the average wait time is around 3 to 6 weeks, however due to large demand for driver education at this time it could increase to around 4 to 7 weeks depending on how many students contact us needing the in-car lessons. Once a student begins to drive then we can schedule their three 2-hour driving lessons typically over a three week period of time. 

You are required by Idaho law to be at least 14 1/2 years old to begin any driver education program in Idaho and have to permit purchased after registering with a driving school.

Get your permit as soon as reasonably possible, so you will be able to start the online portion of driver education. You will be required to make an appointment with Driver’s Licensing using their app: Q-Less

*There may be an added fuel surcharge added to the total amount due. This is due to the increased cost of fuel used in the driver education vehicles.

Online classes are provided outside of A&A Driving School

    • Register 1st with us, go to the links for online classes tab; choose your online course.
    • You must have your permit in order to start an online course per Idaho law. Your permit number is required to sign up for them.
      • County Driver’s Licensing Office personnel will ask you who you are registered with for your drive 
      • You will have to tell your local county Driver’s Licensing Office that you have registered with A&A Driving School or you will not be allowed to purchase the permit.
    • Cost for the 6 hours of driving and up to 6 hours of observation time with us at A&A Driving School is $420. You must send a deposit of $100 along with our application/release of liability form and the permit number written on the application. 
    • Online school cost vary from $55 to $99.99 and this cost is separate from the cost of in-car driving instruction.
      • You pay the online school or course separately with the exception of Idaho Online Driver Education (you pay A&A the online fee for them).
  • Additional or private drives only (not needing online classes as the student is 17 years old or older and has a Class or SIP permit) are at the rate of $70 per hour.

Idaho Online Driver Education- OUR FAVORITE!

Online Course plus 6 hours of in-car instruction cost is $445

Register with us 1st then get your permit before starting; it is the law in Idaho.

Total cost $445 . You must remit a deposit of $100 and our application in order to start this course along with sending the application/release of liability form with the students permit number (DLN). Upon receipt we will have the online instructor send you a link to begin the course. 

This course is geared toward Idaho students and is taught by Brian Johns from Meridian, Idaho. This is a self-paced course and if you spend about 2 hours a night you should be able to complete it within 2 weeks; if you spend about 1 hour a day on this course it should take you about 4 weeks to complete.

Students that are inactive with have to contact the online instructor to get reactivated in the course.

If a student has a question they can contact this instructor directly through email at [email protected]. There are no long holds to talk with some person who doesn’t know about the actual course, Brian wrote the program. The course material meets or exceeds the state of Idaho requirements.

You may go to their website to find out more about the instructor and his program at: Idaho Online Driver Education Website

Please go to the links for online classes tab on our website at the top of this page to see what upcoming classes are available. The total cost is $445*, including drives and the online course. Idaho Online Driver Education course fee is all payable to A&A Driving School. You must return our application with the $100 deposit to cover the online course fee and a small deposit toward your drives. After you purchase your driving permit include your permit number located on your receipt from Driver’s Licensing at the top of our application, this is required so that we can have a link to the online course sent to you from the instructor. Again, please put your DLN#, driver’s license number at the top of our application where indicated. We will contact the online school as soon as we have this information and the payment and the class you selected with Idaho Online Driver Education begins on the class start date which is the first day of the month of class they signed up for, except homeschooled students, they will have the link sent after receiving back the requested information and deposit. If you signed up for January for example, then if we have the student’s application, deposit and permit number before January 1st then on January 1st is the start date. Please allow 3 to 4 business days after mailing your application for processing.

Our application in docx 

A&A Driving School Application/Release of Liability Form; docx

Online Course: Cost around $99 and up. Depends if it is on sale or not.

Driving portion $420 with A&A Driving School

Register with us then get your permit 1st before starting; it is the law in Idaho.

This course is self-paced, however feed back from students in 2023 some students are saying that they have now installed timers to slow the student down on their progress. Depending on the student this can be very frustrating. It will not cover laws specific to Idaho, but does cover those that are across the country. It meets the minimum required standards for an online course used for driver education in Idaho.

Cost of Drives: $420, this includes the $100 deposit that you should return with our application. 

Click to register with A&A Driving School

Then after you get your permit Click here: online link for A&A Driving School 

A&A Driving School Application/Release of Liability Form; docx

NOTE: We are no longer going to be affiliated with AAA “How to Drive” program as to many students are failing this course.

IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Alliance)

Register with us then get your permit 1st before starting; it is the law in Idaho.

This class has a set start and ending date. You will have deadlines for your course work, if you do not complete your work on time you could fail this course. This is not a at your own pace course. The course material meets or exceeds the state of Idaho requirements. Review their website to find out what the current classroom dates are before signing up. Click here to find an upcoming IDLA driver education class

Online Cost: $75      Drives: $420*    Total Cost: Approx. $495* 

Click to register with A&A Driving School

Get your permit, then

Click Here: To register with IDLA for their online driver education class

A&A Driving School Application/Release of Liability Form; docx

We accept cash or check only for payment. There is a $25 fee for returned checks and cash will be required to settle your bill. No student may continue in a class or private drives if their fees/bill have not been paid. Cancelled drives without 24 hour notice Tuesday through Saturday and 36 hours notice for Monday drives are subject to the whole fee of the missed drive to be paid before the student can drive again ($70 per hour). Text us at 208-772-4999 to reschedule or cancel a drive. No refunds given once the classroom or in-car lessons have begun.