ODYSSEY in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Education may have funds for qualified families to help assist with the cost of certain educational expenses, including driver education. You must apply with them to see if you qualify for these funds. Click the link below to apply. Don’t forget to register with us after you do this at

Odyssey for Parents link

Their policies and procedures

  • A parent may not receive a payment, refund, or rebate of grant funds from a vendor. All payments, refunds, or rebates must be processed through the digital wallet.
  • Purchases made online through the Marketplace must be shipped to the residential address associated with the account.
  • Vendors will clearly post return policies on their websites.
  • Grant funds are for the purchase of current or upcoming goods and services. Reimbursements and payments for past-due invoices are prohibited. Late payment or refund payment fees are not allowed.
  • Prepayment of services is allowed only within the awarded school year.

by Odyssey in partnership with the Idaho State Board of Education at 2023-10-02

Copied from Odyssey’s website 1/6/24

Scheduled drives and cancellations policies for A&A Driving School, click the link below to review: