State approved driver education classes and in-car driving

We teach driver education in-car lessons with state licensed instructors.

All drives are with our instructors in our driver education vehicles. The classroom component is done online with a state approved program. See below for state approved options. DO NOT START ANY COURSE WITHOUT A PERMIT, IT’S THE LAW! Idaho also requires you to register with a driving school 1st before getting your permit.

You will have 6 weeks to complete the online course work, unless prior arrangements have been made with us for reasonable accommodations. An extension fee of $50 will be charged to the student, if the student takes over 6 1/2 weeks to finish the online course. The quicker you get to 50% complete and notify us the sooner you can get put on the list of students needing in-car lessons. Notifying us by text message at 208-772-4999 with the students 1st and last name that you registered with and what percentage they are currently at in the online course.


Step 1-

Pick your online classroom course. Students can begin online classes after they do steps 1 through 3, but not before the class start date.

For online class options go to the “LINKS FOR ONLINE CLASSES” tab; in the drop down menu are your 4 online choices.

Step 2-

Get your permit! Please include your permit # on your application (Step 3).  This is the paper copy that has “IDAHO TEMPORARY” in bold letters on it. Under the student’s name is their DLN # (driver license number, aka: permit #).

You may not drive without an instructor while on your supervised instructional permit (SIP) until you finish your drives with your instructor and the hard copy of the permit has been given to you, only Class D permit holders who have passed the written exam and are 17 years old or over, can legally drive with a licensed adult 21 years old or older before finishing driver education. Requirements to get your supervised instructional permit

Step 3- Send in our application and your required deposit. Odyssey students do not sent in a deposit or payment. Be sure to sign up with us through them 1st before sending in your application. Odyssey

Any question about Idaho Online Driver Education email the instructor, Brian Johns at [email protected]

EVERYONE- Use the link below for our application/release of liability form. Please print it off, fill out and return with your deposit.

Click here for the application for all students

Public schooled students scroll below to see available online classes for you to register for. You must be 14 1/2 years old on or before the class start date and be able to obtain your driving permit. Register early as the classes fill quickly.

Homeschooled, online and adult students please review- “How to sign up for driver education classes in three steps” above, then use the link below to register. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO DRIVE AT LEAST ONE DAY A WEEK BEFORE 2 P.M. TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS BELOW. Friday mornings are typically reserved for CCS and Genesis Prep students. You must be 14 1/2 years old to start any portion of driver education and be able to obtain your driving permit. Click here to register: IDAHO ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE FOR HOME SCHOOL/ONLINE STUDENTS/ADULTS

Public schooled students:


Review all your choices below, CLICK ON THE OVAL BOX FOR THE CLASS YOU WANT..

Cost of driver education:

  • Idaho Online Driver Education Course plus in-car lessons for a total of $425.

VERIFY THAT WE HAVE OPENINGS FOR YOU TO DRIVE WITH US BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR ALL OTHER ONLINE CLASSES (Idaho Online Driver Education course has their own sign up link) YOU WILL FIND THEM BY GOING TO THE REGISTER HERE FOR ONLINE CLASSES TAB ABOVE IN THE MENU OR REGISTER HERE FOR DRIVING ONLY TAB IN THE MENU. Text us at 208-772-4999 to check, please allow 72 business hours for a response. If we are out of town or vacation any messages will be replied to upon our return. Thank you.

  • All other online class students $390 + cost of the online course (varies with course selected). This is typically around $55 up to $100 additional cost added to the in-car lessons.
  • Private driving lessons (Adults, Class D permit holders, practice test drives, etc.) $67 per hour. You will use our vehicle and be with a licensed instructor one one one.


More online classroom information

Choose an online course and do your drives and observation time with us.

  6 hours of in-car lessons + cost of the online course

Online classroom cost  is separate and varies between $50 and $99 depending on the course you choose. The cost of the in-car lessons is $390.

This is intended for students taking their classroom portion online and getting their in-car instruction with us here at A&A Driving School. The student will receive 6 hours of in-car instruction and 6 hours of observation with another student or parent. We must be notified that the student has completed 50% of their online course to be put on the waiting list. There is a wait time to start depending on how many other students have notified us during a given period of time. This can vary anywhere from 5 to 11 weeks depending on how many students have contacted us before you.  The student will be with a licensed instructor for a two hour block of time. This goes by quickly once they begin. The online portion must be finished to do the final drive.

Choose your online school 
    •  Click here: Online Course Options
      • Our favorite online class is Idaho Online Driver Education, but we do accept 2 other online options.
      • Please use the links found on our website for signing up for an online schools as this will inform them that you are doing your drives with us and we will receive an email with your final classroom grade.
    •  Click here: Register for Driving and/or Observation Time with A&A Driving School. This is for anyone that needs just the in-car lessons and no classroom course. Typically for a refresher or students over 17 years old not doing a driver’s education classroom course.

Payment Policy: WE ACCEPT CASH, CHECK, or MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Returned checks will be charged a $25  fee, this along with any outstanding balance must be paid in full to continue in the course. Once classes start there are no refunds. 

If you want to pay by Venmo or Zelle please text us at  208-772-4999 for directions.

If you need an application mailed to you click  Contact us . You may text or call us at (208) 772-4999 and leave a message (we do not answer the phone when we are with students). If you leave a message it may take several days to reply as we are extremely busy in the car and classroom with students.



Learn about us. Click here: To learn about the instructors

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